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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Electrolysis results

I had a chance to pull a couple of the legs from the soup and snap some photos. Once the parts are removed to dry they will flash over with a light coating of surface rust almost immediately. The rusted areas will be coated in a flakey black oxide. I allow the parts to air dry, knock off the surface rust and black oxide with a wire cup on my side grinder and then scrub the parts down thouroughly with a brown 3M finishing pad and some hot soapy water. I then towel them dry and set in a warm oven or in a closed warm car in the sunshine. This results in a part that is free from any rust and grime and is ready for primer. I will then fill any of the small defects left from welding closed the holes that were drilled in the piece. Sometimes I use the kitchen oven to process parts. SHHH! Don't tell Becky.


Becky said...

BECKY KNOWS! LOL... I never know what he will stick in my oven but I know that it WILL happen. Looking at the picture though tells me that it's time to clean the oven again... YEEK!

Scott said...

Well, I have to admit you are a most understanding Wife that overlooks a great deal of my transgressions.

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