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Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Nice Weekend Off to Relax and Play

Well, it's been a beautiful sunny day here in the Midlands of SC. I went up on the roof and patched a small area around the chimney that has started leaking. I found that some of the old caulking had dried and pulled away from the flashing, so I sealed it up with the last of some old roofing cement I bought many years ago. It's sort of ugly, but I have never had to re-do any repairs where I used the old roofing cement. It's basically a black tarry asphalt emulsion with some fibre content to give it some additional strength. I placed another of the DeWalt GR saw legs in the de-rusting bath and then did some shopping. I have purchased the finishing supplies I will need to re-paint this saw. I settled on a custom color that matches the old Oliver Machinery Teal that was used in the 1960's. I purchased the paint and the compatible primer from Sherwin-Williams. The smallest quantity available was in gallon cans, so I'm sure there will be additional machines painted Oliver teal from my shop. The paint is Sher-Kem High Gloss enamel and the primer is Kem-Flash primer. I also purchased a gallon of reducer, sandpapers, filler, and sanding primer fillers. Total for the paints and finishing supplies comes to $146.98. Now I know you can get a perfectly acceptable finish for much less with rattle cans, but I really want this machine to look like a professional restoration. The total is now $503.28. The cost starts to add up fast once you start counting every $5 to $35 dollar purchase. That's all for now.

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