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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Parts for a rotary Phase Converter

This evening I picked up a brand new 5HP 3PH motor to use in the construction of a rotary phase converter. This will give me 3 Phase capability in the shop so I can run the big radial saw or any other 3 phase machines that may come my way... hehe hehe. I ran a wanted ad on craig's list and picked up this motor for only $40.00. Since I will use the phase converter on multiple machines, I will not be adding it to the restoration cost of the saw. I will add that I picked up a rattle can of etching primer and that will be added to the cost of the saw refurb. Etching primer from Advance Auto Parts, $6.30 including tax. My total saw investment thus far is $356.30. I also pulled the first saw frame legs from the electrolysis bath. It is paint and rust free, but coated with a black oxide residue. I need to clean it up with a green pad and water and check to see how bad the rust pitting is at the bottom of the leg. I will post some more pics once I get a chance. I may not get a chance to get back on this project for a few days due to a motherboard failure on my wifes desktop. This shouldn't be too bad since I have another MB on hand and her linux system will most likely handle it with little trouble.

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