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Friday, March 26, 2010

Antique Radio's and New push block.


Tomorrow is the last day of this year's AWA Carolinas spring meet in Charlotte. Activities started on Thursday, with the flea market opening Friday morning. I have attended this meet for many years, but just couldn't justify the cost of the hotel and meals for the full 3 days this year. Since we have a family related event we need to attend in Spartanburg, I don't feel too bad about running up to Charlotte early in the morning to look over the last of the flea market vendors before heading down to Spartanburg. Who knows, maybe I will find some minor treasure to bring home. Here are some pictures from last year's meet.

I built a new Rip Push Block today with some scrap I had laying around. I patterned it roughly after one I saw in the De-Cristoforo book. Mine is a little bigger than the original. I sized it based on what works well with my hand size. I made the vertical part tall enough to hit the end of the blade guard without slipping under. I made the base long enough for the work to completely clear the cut, but short enough to mis the anti-kickback pawls. The base is detachable so it can be replaced as it wears. A nice little project that didn't take much time, but will add a degree of safety when ripping on the radial arm saw.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welding Table

The weather has finally started to warm and I got a couple things done out in the shop. I have a little Miller buzz box welder that I occasionally use for repairs or to build a new gadget. Up until now, I have been struggling to weld things on a small little platform of channel iron on the concrete floor. I already had a small frame and legs from a machine I scrapped a couple of years ago, so I picked up some old vertical pieces of pallet racking at the scrap yard and had them cut to length and welded them up on some angle iron I had in the shop from some trash pickings. The end result is this very functional little welding table. Now I can get up off the concrete and give my back a rest whenever I need to do a little welding. Not bad for $45.00 of scrap plus some junk I already had taking up space. I'm so pleased with it I may add some wheels and a shelf for the welder.

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