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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welding Table

The weather has finally started to warm and I got a couple things done out in the shop. I have a little Miller buzz box welder that I occasionally use for repairs or to build a new gadget. Up until now, I have been struggling to weld things on a small little platform of channel iron on the concrete floor. I already had a small frame and legs from a machine I scrapped a couple of years ago, so I picked up some old vertical pieces of pallet racking at the scrap yard and had them cut to length and welded them up on some angle iron I had in the shop from some trash pickings. The end result is this very functional little welding table. Now I can get up off the concrete and give my back a rest whenever I need to do a little welding. Not bad for $45.00 of scrap plus some junk I already had taking up space. I'm so pleased with it I may add some wheels and a shelf for the welder.

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