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Monday, April 26, 2010

Nature All Around Us

I am constantly amazed with the diversity of wildlife that can be found practically underfoot in urban and suburban areas. This evening while returning from our walk at the Cayce River-walk, we could hear some little voices off in the brush between the walkway and the railroad siding. Kit-wau! Kit-wau! As we got closer to the sound a gray fox darted out into the middle of the walk and then turned around darting back into the brush. We found ourselves between her and her kits. After a moment of indecision, we quickly walked past where her kits were crying, while looking back to watch for her to cross. Of course the mother fox was too clever to reveal the location of her den and she walked another 25 feet or so further down the path keeping a wary eye on us before disappearing into the brush. Within a second or two of her disappearing into the brush, her kits quited and we knew mother fox was back with her young. I returned home feeling just a little more at peace after a reminder that nature continues to take it's course and mothers continue to nurture their young. Wikepedia has a nice article on the Gray fox here:

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