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Friday, April 2, 2010

Wet Furry Beaver Pics

Before anyone gets all upset; Yes this is still a family friendly blog. This afternoon we went to check out a site near the house where some beavers have set up residence. I was quite surprised to see them in this location. There is a busy rail line on one side of their little pond, and a bustling residential neighborhood on the other side. Just beyond the rail line is a cold roll steel mill and a busy highway overpass is above. I parked the car and we took a little stroll up the tracks to have a look. Much to my delight I got a good look at two of the residents. One was quite curious and swam right up to us to check us out. It's really amazing the amount of wildlife that is right under our noses if we just slow down to take a look.

We then went for a stroll at the river walk. Everything is starting to green up and bloom. The wisteria is in bloom and the air is heavy with it's sweet scent. Tomorrow we plan on getting an early start on some garden chores. Perhaps I will post some pics from that project if we are not too tired.

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