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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Accidental Garlic Farmer

A few years ago we noticed some garlic plants growing adjacent to our garden. I don't know how they got there, maybe the previous owners had planted them. These were a hard-neck variety, so I don't think these were accidentally planted by someone throwing out some cloves from the grocery store. Anyway, I think it was 3 plants total, so I dug them up and the bulbs were HUGE! Not knowing anything about growing or harvesting garlic, I managed to dry the plants and we started using the cloves in the kitchen. That fall I had some cloves left over, so I planted them out in the garden and they thrived. The next spring. I had plenty of wonderful hard-neck plants to harvest. I have been hooked on growing garlic ever since. This past fall I planted some soft-neck cloves from the grocery store along with my usual hard-neck variety. They also thrived. I have already harvested most of my little crop, but it is the best harvest ever from my little plot. Becky helped me braid the leaves; well, she braided all of them, and they are hanging in the shed to dry. I found a really nice book on the subject in the library and have been thoroughly enjoying it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Things have been rather busy here at Softly Scrambled. Becky and I have both decided to take charge of our health and wellness, and that means changing our diets and making exercise a priority. We have been walking/running, twice a day down at the River-walk. Later this week we plan on working in the Abs of Steel workout to give us some variety. On Monday I fixed us a nice low-fat Chicken Pineapple stir-fry that we served over a small portion of rice. It was really easy and only took about 20 minutes to make.
Whenever we go to the river, We always like to take a camera with us because we never know what we will see while we are out. I got some shots of some kids swimming, jumping off the old locks. It looks like a lot of fun even if it is a bit dangerous.
Flea season is once again upon us, and our old fat tomcat was starting to suffer, so Becky gave him a flea bath this afternoon. It may take Tesla a couple of days before he can forgive us. I believe his only comment on the matter was, "how rude".
My garlic that was planted last fall is near maturity and I went ahead and pulled several of the soft neck variety to dry as we are almost out of last years crop. This year I have both hard neck and soft neck varieties and am very pleased with how they have grown. I also put out some watermelon seeds on the lower side of the lot. I have never had much luck with melons, but I keep trying anyway.
On the employment front, I did not get the job I interviewed for in Orangeburg. I am still applying like crazy and things are starting to pick up. I have a phone interview tomorrow and another one on Friday. Both are with solid companies.

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