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Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Perfect Saturday With My Sweetie

Today was a perfect day with my wonderful wife Becky. I slept in till about 9:00 and then had a wonderful home cooked breakfast. We then spent about an hour just walking along a section of Old State Road taking some pictures of the wildflowers, weeds, and grasses as they get in their last hurray of the season before winter. Most people would never bother taking the time to look closely at these plants, as, after all, they are just weeds, but I find there is something beautiful in their coloration as the seasons change. The wild ageratum and goldenrod were covered with butterflies, bee, wasp, and other insects. The grasses have all set their seed and some are quite spectacular with their red, burnt orange and brown seeds glistening in the morning sun. After a relaxed lunch at the house, we then went to the Congaree Bluegrass festival at the municipal park. This is always a nice show, and this year was no exception. I particularly enjoyed watching the young children running and playing. I strongly suspect that many of our children do not get enough unsupervised outdoor time to run wild and just be kids. Later that evening we went for a walk at the river, where I got in a good run. Until next time, here are some pics for your enjoyment.

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