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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Ramblings

This I believe has been our best Christmas ever. I just feel happy and at peace with my situation. We had a bit of snow today, which is very unusual for SC and certainly unusual for December, as we usually only see frozen precipitation in late January, early February. Becky and I took a walk down by the river to enjoy the fresh fallen snow and took a few snapshots. While running some errands I spotted some pigeons on a wire looking terribly cold and miserable. Once we got home from our errands, we decided that some homemade chicken noodle soup would go well with the cold weather. We use a recipe from Consumers Reports that is just wonderful. I like some tortilla chips with mine. We both put away 2 bowls we were so hungry. I took a few moments to check on my little garlic patch and was glad to see they are doing just fine under their blanket of snow. As you can see, I planted both some softneck and hardneck varieties. I had some free time yesterday and was able to move my smaller radial arm saw to the base I built and bolt it down. Now I need to build some drawers for the base to gain some much needed storage.


Becky said...

MMMMMMM! Yummy Soup!

Becky said...

YEAH!!! And I SEE you gathering up that snowball that flew past me right after I took that picture of the Rail Trestle. ; )

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