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Friday, March 18, 2011

Blogger Silence

Warning! Rant ahead. I was recently told that today is Blogger Silence day or some such non-sense, in response to the disastrous events recently in Japan. Now, don't misunderstand and think I am uncaring. I really do feel bad for the misery inflicted upon the Japanese people by recent events, but remaining silent, or having a Blogger Silence day does nothing, but make a bunch of self appointed net-nannies feel important and morally superior to others. Therefore, I am officially calling "Bullshit" by blogging away as normal. If you wish to do something to help Japan, then I would suggest doing something tangible such as a donation to the Red Cross or other reputable international aid agencies. If I hurt anyone's feelings, then perhaps you should walk away from your computer and stand in the rain with a candle and sing a sad little song.

On a brighter note, While out for lunch the other day, I happened to notice some plants in bloom around an empty lot where an old house once stood. I took a few minutes from lunch to walk around and shoot a few pictures. There were daffodils, flowering almond, spirea, hawthorn, and forsythia. Further back on the property were the remnants of an old apple orchard. The old plants were still putting on quite a good show almost coquettish in there display. It looks like the property may soon be developed. Sort of a shame to see it turned into another strip mall or some other example of suburban sprawl. I went back the next day and got some cuttings to try and root. Enjoy the pics.


Becky said...

I'll do my best to root some of this stuff for you.

Granny said...

I just found your blog through a comment you left on Rhonda's Down To Earth blog.

Amen brother. Bullshit is the same thing I said to myself when I read about the "no blogging day". Just how is that gonna put food on their tables or put their lives back together?

Anonymous said...

I too found your comment as a result of Rhonda's DTE blog... I so agree with you. Take some real action to help those in Japan, those in NZ, those in whatever part of the world is in trouble now. I cannot see how silence on a BLOG will help anything. Silence at a memorial - YES.

Whole load of Poppycock...

Sharyn (sorry - I don't have any profiles hence the Anonymous....)

miss*R said...

found you through down to earth.. good for you! those silly people need to walk their talk..

Bovey Belle said...

Found you through down to earth and agree wholeheartedly with your comments. What blardy use is a blogging silence - donate, or do something POSITIVE to help these communities - poor souls.

I hope the cuttings take, btw.

svetlina said...

:) One more visitor from Rhonda`s blog :)
Posting blossoming flowers is way more... helping Japan than not posting a thing or submiting evil comments. During bad times we need to be optimistic and not... annonymous haters.

Dmarie said...

oops, I never even knew there was a no blogging day, so likely I made a post on it. but we've also made our donation to Red Cross. I agree with you that it's far more useful to do so. (Jumped over from Becky's blog)

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