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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Made In the USA. It matters

Today I needed to purchase a water pump for one of our vehicles. I went down to the local Advance Auto Parts store since one is only a couple miles from the house. Once the clerk had looked up the part, I asked where it was made. Her reply was Taiwan. I told her I did not want Chinese or Taiwanese parts for my car and asked if there were any USA made parts available. Her reply was no and that's just how it is in this country now. I declined to purchase the parts and went to their competitor Auto Zone. Much to my delight, Auto Zone had a new USA manufactured part available and it was $1.00 less than the Advance part. I simply refuse to put Chinese parts on any of my vehicles. Yes, there are some good Chinese suppliers and they are getting better every day, but for every good supplier there are thousands of bad or terrible ones. I simply have no way to tell what the qualification standard are for a parts store vendor. In Advance defense, Taiwanese manufacturers tend to be considerably better than the mainland manufacturers, but still it is not a North American manufactured part. If you are at all concerned about the reliability and safety of any replacement parts, then it pays to ask. I have even gone to the trouble of purchasing some parts directly from the auto dealer in order to get the quality and performance I desire.

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