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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Something from the shop.

I've recently been going through some of my things out in the radio room and came across this little analog multimeter. I picked it up at an AWA meet a few years ago for $5.00. A very well made little Bakelite meter with a mirrored scale. Reasonably good impedance for an old analog job; 30000 ohms/volt DC, 15000 ohms/volt AC. I'm sort of a sucker for a mirrored scale so I had to bring the little guy home. The little meter works just fine and looks like new inside and out. There are no maker's marks anywhere to be found; just "Part Number 145-0254" and sn 772. This meter looks to be typical of the high quality Japanese electronics that began flooding the US market in the 1970s. I wonder where it came from? Was it a kit, something from a correspondence course, or just an inexpensive meter from one of the many mail order houses that catered to hams and electronic hobbyist? I may never know, but it sure has been fun wondering and doing a little searching. Pretty good fun for only $5.00.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever find out anything about it? Would you like to sell it?

Scott said...

I never did find any new information about this little meter, but I think I will hold on to it for now.

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