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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update On My Activities.

Back in June, my assignment with the temp agency came to an end. So, what have I been doing, you might ask? Well I have been keeping myself very busy. Come along and let's have a look at what I do when I am allowed to run amok.
I spent some time working out in the garag....Er...Ugh I mean shop, and built this neat little adjustable box joint jig from plans in a magazine I have been holding on to for about 20 years. Mine was built from whatever stock I had on hand, so it is not as pretty as the varnished maple version in the magazine, but is every bit as functional. I made a test joint on some scrap and was able to stand on it without the joint breaking.

 I have also been able to get some paint on some of the parts from the old DeWalt model GR Radial arm saw I have been restoring. For those just tuning in, this old beast was built in 1948 and swings a 14" blade. The old girl is 3 phase, so I will need to build a rotary phase converter, but not to worry; I will take lots of pics and provide a bunch of details so anyone that wants to play along at home can join the fun.

I have also started building a dust collection system for my smaller radial arm saw. It consist of an angled box that mounts behind the blade. There will be a narrow slot at the rear and a tapered chute where the vacuum will attach. The idea is to keep the vacuum slot at the rear narrow so the flow velocity remains high. Initially this will simply be screwed together without glue so that I may make changes as needed. If this initial design does not work well, I will open up the throat in the back so that gravity can assist with the dust collection.

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