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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A New Computer at SoftlyScrambled.

A new to me, hand me down computer has landed here at SoftlyScrambled and I couldn't be more pleased if I tried. I had the good fortune of being gifted this unit by one of my neighbors that needed some assistance with a memory upgrade on his Mac Mini.
 This is a five year old Gateway gaming machine he bought back in 2008. He indicated that it has never performed as well as he expected. He also was leery of the hard drive, since the smart data shows some bad sectors. He has another machine that is working well for him so he asked if I could use the old Gateway. Of course I was glad to take it off his hands. This machine has an Intel quad core processor and six gig of ram, along with a nice Nvidia video card. I know this is no longer a bleeding edge machine, but it is a major upgrade from my old single core 1100Mhz Sempron.  Once it was home, I gave everything a good cleaning and installed Linux mint 12. Now that it has been liberated from it's Windows prison, it performs quite well. Of course I will be keeping a close eye on the hard drive smart data to see if it continues to throw bad segments.

One thing that I could not become accustomed to was the orange trim on the case. I'm sure there are plenty of 12 year old boys that would think it was perfect, but I cannot imagine myself looking at this awful color scheme every morning over my first cup of coffee. My solution was simple. Disassemble the case to remove the offending trim and paint over the awful orange with some silver from a rattle can. I think it turned out rather well. Here is a link to the specs. if you are interested.

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