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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Now a Food Brand in Decline

Yes, it has happened again. In my humble opinion, I believe there is another once great American brand now in decline. This time it is a food brand. We recently picked up a less than half gallon of what we thought was Breyers Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Well, a closer examination of the packaging reveals it not ice-cream at all, but is a frozen dairy dessert. Apparently this product does not contain enough dairy cream to qualify for labeling with the FDA as Ice Cream. Here are a couple photos of the packaging.

Notice how the first three ingredients listed are; Milk, Sugar, and Corn Syrup. Also notice the thickeners, Guar Gum and Carob Bean Gum.

In previous versions that were labeled as Ice Cream, the first three ingredients were, Milk, Cream and Sugar.

How does it taste, you may ask? Well, it doesn't taste at all like real Ice Cream. The sweetness of the sugar and corn syrup are overpowering, with a distinct corn syrup flavor and aftertaste that is reminiscent of cheap pancake syrup. Gone is the crisp milky, creamy flavor of fresh sweet dairy cream that was so prominent in the older Breyers products.
The texture of the new product is also different. When scooped out of the container, the new product does not peal away revealing the ruffled texture as shown in the image on the container. Instead it peals away in a smooth rather sticky plastic consistency. As the product melts, it no longer drips away from the spoon as expected from real ice cream, but instead, ropes away in a stringy glob. I can only speculate that the thickeners listed on the package are there in an attempt to make up for the missing cream.

Going forward, I will be purchasing Blue Bell brand ice cream. It is still a full half gallon and is real Ice Cream, not a Frozen Dairy Dessert.


Becky said...

It tasted AWFUL!

BLD in MT said...

I saw this product change listed in Consumer Reports! How interesting and disappointing.

Imitation foods should be illegal. Okay, maybe that's extreme, but sometimes that's how I feel. Less observant people than you are being tricked!

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