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Friday, October 5, 2012

Reflections on a Funeral

I went to a funeral today. It was for a young woman that passed away too soon. She was the wife of a friend at work. Her death was sudden and unexpected. I had never met her, but I think funerals are for those left behind and to me it was important that I be there to let her husband know I care. I settled into a pew beside strangers and tried to concentrate on the words of the pastor. The Psalms that we know by heart were recited. A hymn was sang and then the pastor began to cite the relevant passages of the old and new testaments.

Soon my attention began to wander as my gaze became fixed upon the family. My friend, the grieving husband, his world forever turned upside down. The shocked look of their children, still trying to grasp what has happened. I noticed  a little girl of around 7 with the family, perhaps the daughter of the woman's sister. She turned and smiled at me. Such a lovely child with light brown curly locks. She so much reminded me of the photos of my wife as a child. I couldn't help, but think of my own life and how I could be the one in the family pews. Suddenly it became real.

My thoughts were interrupted by the conclusion of the pastors words. Back from my thoughts, to the progression of the service. We sang another hymn. A slow sad hymn that dragged along. It seemed to somehow amplify the sadness. We recited the lords prayer, and the family made their exit.

Back outside in the sunshine, it was a beautiful fall day. Back into my world. Back in the car to head home, to my wife and my son, but the scenes of the funeral continue to play over in my mind.


Becky said...

I'm sure your friend appreciated your attendance.

Buttons said...

Oh Scott this is a beautifully written heart felt piece about every persons worry. B

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