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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Drill Press Delays

One thing that caused some delay with my Hobart Grinder project was some downtime with my drill press. The on/off switch fell apart. Yes, it's an el-cheapo from China Freight. I guess I should know better. I did not have a direct replacement on hand, but I did have some rather stout toggle switches in my junk box, so that's what I used. Of course this required the fabrication of a new mounting plate, as the form factor of the switches was different. With a cut-off wheel and my old sears hand drill I fabbed up a plate with some leftovers from the capacitor bracket project. It's always nice to get multiple uses from the same piece of scrap. Here's a shot of the finished plate. I thought it turned out ok and the switch will probably outlast the rest of the machine.

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