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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Early Morning Walk at the RIver

I got an early start on the day this morning and once I got Becky out the door I headed to the river-walk for some exercise. I was almost immediately rewarded with a beaver swimming along the bank upstream. The only camera I had on hand was my cell phone and as soon as I opened the camera application the chime from the phone startled the creature and it dove under out of sight. As my walk progressed, I soon came upon a cacophonous racket from a scold of blue-jays along one of the small creeks that empty into the Congaree. A glance up into the trees revealed a Barred Owl perched above the stream. I was able to get three photos with my phone camera before it plopped down into the stream retrieving a fish for breakfast. Here are the owl photos. Again, they are not the best shots, but wildlife seldom poses for your photos.

The rest of the walk was mostly uneventful, but I did spot a salamander, a five lined skink and a variety of songbirds. I walked from Riverland Park up to Gervais Street and back. A total of about 4.25 miles.

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