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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hobart Grinder Tear Down

Since my last post, I have dis-assembled the grinder and tore down the motor and grind chamber. At some point this grinder was exposed to water, so I have had some de-rusting to do. The first step was to remove the grind adjust/grind chamber cap to access the burrs. Here are a couple of shots of the grind adjust assembly. This was rusted solid and took some effort to clean up and get working again. It's interesting to note that the thrust bearing for the adjustable burr is a plug of hardwood.

Removing the adjustable burr assembly required a week long soak with PB-Blaster and some gentle persuasion with a long pry bar. I have been very careful to take my time and not force anything. There are no replacement parts available unless a parts unit is located. Here are some shots of the adjustable burr assembly, feed auger and wiper.

Here's what they look like cleaned up.

Next, I will separate the grind chamber from the motor, remove the fixed burr and replace the motor bearings. Lot's more work to do before we can grind some coffee.


Becky said...

Looking good Dear!

Scott said...

Getting there slowly.

Tom Karl said...

Did you ever attempt to either find replacement burrs or get them sharpened? I have ours torn down to get the motor rebuilt. Do you have suggestions about the burr replacement or sharpening... or do I just leave them alone?

Scott said...

This style burr was never intended to be sharp. These are crushing burrs, very similar to the burrs used in the modern Grindmaster machines.

Mark said...

I have a 3240 A&P Hobart coffee grinder. I cannot get the adjustable burr assembly out. I have sprayed it with PB Blaster for weeks and it wont budge. It doesn't seem to have any set screw to hold it in. It has the same wooden rod for the burr adjustment as yours. Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

Thank you Mark

Mark said...

In have an A&P Hobart coffee grinder that I cannot get the grind assy. out. I has the same burr adjustment as yours (the wooden dowel). Any suggestions to pull it out? I don't see a set screw and I have soaked it with BP Blaster for a week. Any suggestions are very appreciated.

Thank you Mark

Scott said...

The adjustable burr assembly is a very close slip fit in the grinds chamber. Old coffee dust and oils pack into the seams over the years and glue things in tight. Try some gentle heat from a heat gun to liquefy the old coffee oils.

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