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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Update on the Hobart Coffee Grinder

Progress on the coffee grinder has slowed considerably. After reassembling the motor I discovered the motor will start, but does not run. A quick check with the ohmmeter revealed an open run winding. I fear I damaged one of the wires in the run winding during the cleaning process. A rewind from the local motor shop is prohibitively expensive, so I will attempt to rewind it myself. I purchased an old book on motor rewinding online and have been studying it to see if a home shop rewind is doable. I will of course share what I learn. In the meantime, I fabricated a new base to replace the deteriorating rubber base and have been polishing some of the aluminum pieces. Here is a shot of the new base and a shot of the motor book.

MDF Base

Close up of base

Motor book

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