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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Update on the Hobart Coffee Grinder

Progress on the coffee grinder has slowed considerably. After reassembling the motor I discovered the motor will start, but does not run. A quick check with the ohmmeter revealed an open run winding. I fear I damaged one of the wires in the run winding during the cleaning process. A rewind from the local motor shop is prohibitively expensive, so I will attempt to rewind it myself. I purchased an old book on motor rewinding online and have been studying it to see if a home shop rewind is doable. I will of course share what I learn. In the meantime, I fabricated a new base to replace the deteriorating rubber base and have been polishing some of the aluminum pieces. Here is a shot of the new base and a shot of the motor book.

MDF Base

Close up of base

Motor book


Amelia Ireton said...

love the photo of Becky :)

Unknown said...

Very cool project that is interesting to me as I just acquired the same grinder last weekend from my wife's grandfather's old hardware store last weekend. I just started disassembling it last night. I'm curious what product you used to remake your base as my red rubber is deteriorating as well (new rubber vs. painted wood)?

Scott said...

I glued together two 1/2" pieces of MDF board to get the 1" thickness I needed. I then rounded over the edges to batch the profile of the original. I had to countersink the bolt holes to get enough thread engagement to bolt it on. I could have routed out the section below the spout to match the original, but I thought it would weaken that corner too much. I used automotive spot putty to fill the raw edges of the MDF. Primed, sanded and painted.

Anonymous said...

Looks really good. I just bought the same model grinder at a garage sale, so I'm looking forward to future updates on your progress. They might help me figure out the mess I've gotten myself into.

I'm glad I found your blog; there's some great stuff here!

Johnny Hugel said...

Hey Scott,
Glad I found your blog. I'm in the process of disassembling my own grinder, and will be checking back as I get to attacking the motor.

Thanks for documenting it so well!

Buttons said...

That is a very cool machine Scott. B

Scott said...

Thanks Buttons,

I have all the parts to complete it. I think the remainder of the motor repairs will make a good rainy day task.

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