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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Kitchenaid A9 Switch Replacement

I've recently had to make a repair to my A9 grinder. The toggle switch failed. The repair turned out more difficult than I initially estimated. Turns out the original switch is quite compact and a replacement was difficult to source. My first attempt was with a small salvaged switch with solder tabs. Unfortunately the solder tabs made the switch slightly longer than the original so it would not fit in the original position. I finally settled on a new switch I found on E-bay. The new switch is also too long for the original position, but it does fit nicely if rotated 180 degrees. This of course reverses the switch logic, making "UP" off and "Down" on. One nice feature is the switch has internally attached leads, so there will be no exposed leads under the bottom of the grinder. We decided to capture the repair on video and have posted the repair on my youtube channel.

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